Obion County Board of Education
April 4, 2011

Agenda Item: VII.G.

Consider/Approve Requests Declare Property Surplus and Dispose Via Most Economical Method

Background Information:

Lake Road Elementary School has submitted a request to the Board to declare surplus old basketball uniforms that are outdated and are no longer being used in the athletic program. Furthermore, Lake Road requests permission to hold a fundraiser to sell the surplus uniforms and for the funds raised to be deposited to the school’s athletic account to offset the cost of future purchases for the athletic program. Although the amount of funds expected to be raised by selling these uniforms may be more than the amount specified in TCA §49-6-2007(d)(1),  which states “Surplus personal property in local school systems which has no value or has a value less than two hundred fifty dollars ($250), may be disposed of without the necessity of bids as required by this section,” there is no guarantee that all of the uniforms will be sold. In addition, if we advertised, the cost of the advertisement would be approximately $50, further reducing any funds raised. Therefore, pending Board approval, no bids will be solicited to dispose of this personal property.

Staff Recommendation:

I recommend the Board declare the above-noted uniforms as surplus and approve the disposition via the most economical method as described above.