Obion County Board of Education
January 9, 2012

Agenda Item: VII.A.

Consider/Approve Amendment to Board Policy #6.304 –
Student Discrimination/Harassment and Bullying/Intimidation

Background Information:

During the latest legislative session, the General Assembly adopted Public Chapter 251, which amended TCA §§49-6-1014 through 49-6-1019. The statute now requires board policy to address cyber bullying in the list of prohibited acts. The policy recommended by TSBA addresses the changes in law in the paragraph beginning on line 22. To bring current board policy into compliance with Public Chapter 251, the first paragraph under the heading “Bullying/Intimidation” needs to be replaced with TSBA’s recommended wording.

Staff Recommendation:

I recommend approval of the above-noted amendment to Board Policy #6.304 – Student Discrimination/ Harassment and Bullying/Intimidation, on second and final reading.