Obion County Board of Education
September 8, 2015

Agenda Item: VIII.A.

Recognize School Support Organizations in Compliance with TCA §§49-2-604 and 49-2-605

Background Information:

TCA §49-2-604(b)(1)(B) provides, “a school support organization shall annually…submit a form to the director of schools…verifying its continued existence as a nonprofit organization and documenting, at a minimum, the goals and objectives of the organization, and the current telephone number, address and position of each officer of the organization. The organization shall file a statement of total revenues and disbursements before the end of the school year….” To ensure adequate time is available for school support organizations to file the required reports, the time designated for filing is prior to Labor Day each year. For your information, the forms required annually are attached.

TCA §49-2-605(a) provides, “The director of schools…shall annually post or publish a list of organizations that have complied with TCA §49-2-604(b).”

The school support organizations that have complied with the aforementioned state statutes are set forth on the attached listing.

Staff Recommendation:

I recommend that the Board recognize those school support organizations that are in compliance with state statutes. Upon recognition, the System’s website will be updated to reflect those organizations in compliance.