Obion County Board of Education
September 8, 2015

Agenda Item: VIII.D.

Consider/Approve Certification of Compliance with TCA §49-3-310(1)(A)
Furnishing of Required Textbooks

Background Information:

Annually, the Board must certify to the State Department of Education that the School System is in compliance with TCA §49-3-310(1)(A), which provides,

49-3-310. Textbooks and other instructional materials. —

Funding for textbooks and other instructional materials shall be provided through the BEP, subject to the following minimum amounts and conditions:

(1)  (A)  It is the legislative intent that the board shall purchase the necessary textbooks and kindergarten materials early enough that the students shall have the textbooks and kindergarten materials available to them when the schools open. The board shall furnish such textbooks as are listed by the state textbook commission for adoption and as have been adopted by the board as are required for the use of students by such board. The director of schools and the chair of the board of each LEA shall certify to the commissioner on or before October 15 of the current school year that all children enrolled in that LEA have been furnished all required textbooks, as determined by the commissioner.


Staff Recommendation:

Our School System complies with this section of the law, and I recommend approval of the certification.